Started in 1990, our passion for property has driven us to become one of the reputable and dependable developer in the country, constantly delivers products and services of unrivalled quality and value to its customers.

With decades of industry expertise under our bricks, we are now known as a versatile property developer with a remarkable track record in landed properties and gated communities; and commercial and residential buildings. Every project is embedded with an outstanding visionary innovation that speaks of architectural excellence for a bespoke lifestyle.

We adopt the ISO 9001:2015 standards for our property developments, ensuring that we are consistently delivering high quality properties with quality construction and long-term value.

As we move to the next chapter in our corporate growth, we want to do more. Our promise to deliver properties of the highest quality to all Malaysians is something we will continue to uphold and pursue. We will create, innovate and push the boundaries of our products and services that exceed expectations. This is our ongoing commitment to improving overall community wellbeing.

DKLS Property is the property division of DKLS Industries Berhad, which is listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia. DKLS Industries Berhad is a diversified multi-local company (MLC) in the sector of construction, property development, property investment, quarry master and water supply services. To learn more about DKLS Industries Berhad, please visit www.dkls.com.my


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