Spellbound by Lakeside and Riverview Abodes

Buying a house is definitely a momentous milestone in our lives. And one of the ‘why’s that need to be answered has to be the location. This is a question that needs to be asked and answered, in certainty. So the question here would be, “Why buy a home.at Ipoh Premier City?”

This new name in Ipoh’s property scene is a project proudly undertaken by DKLS Permierhome Sdn Bhd and is set to be the address of choice in the corner of the city.

Ipoh Premier City, or IPC, is a sizeable – 156-acre development which will be centred around an 18-acre lake. There is always something special about a home built around water features, whether its in accordance with Chinese feng shui or just the peace and calmness that are associated with lakes and die Sound of rushing water.

And at IPC, the double feature of the lake as well as the meandering Sungai Pari is undoubtedly one of its key attractions.

“Both the lake and river are features which will draw us back to nature, to live in harmony with the natural landscapes, while offering numerous opportunities for water-based activities,” said executive director Ir Sam Tuck Wah.

They also go hand-in-hand with DKLS’s aim of creating ‘Lifestyle Living’, as the entire IPC would be carefully landscaped, with the banks of Sungai Pari beautified and upgraded as pleasant walkways of a Riverside Park.

As part of its corporate social responsibility programme, the company will also work with Forest Research Institute of Malaysia to rejuvenate and revive the natural flora and fauna of the area to enhance and preserve biodiversity.

Visible on the left side of the North-South Expressway, just after the exit to Jalan Kuala Kangsar (coming in from the south), IPC is taking shape with the general site preparation and a bridge construction in advance stages.

Preparations are also underway to launch the first phase of homes here, aptly called GENESIS.

With its name reflecting the beginning of all things good’ at IPC, GENESIS homes will sit within a guarded and gated 15-acre enclave of this RM500 million project.

It will also have its very own clubhouse with ample facilities incorporated for the use of residents.

Spellbound by lakeside and riverside abodes

Sam says these 176 GENESIS homes will be offered in various forms and sizes, such as super-links, clustered semi-detached houses and bungalows. Among the highlights would be 84 townhouses priced as affordable entry-level homes for young families. These duplexes are also ideal for generational living whereby extended families can live next to each other in separate private homes.

“Buyers can look forward to very affordable price tags, especially for the townhouses, as we want to make lifestyle homes accessible by more people,” Sam explains.

Interestingly, these townhouses and some of the link houses will break from the conventional designs and have the living room facing the specially designed Linear Garden at the back instead of fronting the car porch.

As for the rest of the houses, the finishings and keen attention to details, epitomises DKLS’ reputation of creating houses of distinct quality. All that is really left now is to wait for the actual design and layout of the homes, and the prices, of course. The company is presently working towards completing showhouse units and it plans to open them to the market, come September. To keep abreast with developments at IPC, DKLS can be reached at 05-2532688,05-6925531,05-2532878,012-5217257 or 012-5033039.The company also has a website www.dkls.com.my